Our Story

It all started when...

in early December 2012, harried local mom, Kelly Mateja, had the realization that she would have to take off from work on Christmas Eve, as it had just occurred to her that her three young children would not have to attend school on that day. Horrified at the prospect of an entire day home with three wound-up first and second graders, she hurriedly threw together a morning schedule of travelling around New York's Capital Region, performing Random Acts of Kindness. Through her work at a local nonprofit, Kelly had first hand knowledge about the staggering needs that are present in our community.  Through her role as a mother, she understood how important it is to involve children in community service. 

She invited a few friends to join her family, and on December 24, 2012, ten families set off on a journey.  They visited the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society to donate pet food and supplies, they taped quarters to vending machines at Albany Medical Center, and they visited residents of Albany County Nursing Home.

Once photos of the event started circulating on social media, inquiries started flooding in about how to get involved in the next year.  In the subsequent years, Kelly used her connections in the local nonprofit community to onboard over a dozen additional partners.  

Over the subsequent years, thousands more people would decide to make the Morning of Kindness a part of their own holiday tradition. This year, we invite you to join us in making difference in our community during this season of generosity and gratitude.